A Guide To Occupational Safety For Marine Labourers

A Guide To Occupational Safety For Marine Labourers

We hope you have a better understanding of the methods to ensure occupational safety for marine labourers. In short, if you know your way around the guidelines, the sea does not have to scare you. Marine electricians are essential for many coastal communities due to the fact that they are skilled in repairing and installing electrical systems on boats.

Working at sea is no child’s play. As exciting as it may sound, it comes with its share of challenges. Unlike an office job, you cannot leave your work or workplace at the end of the day. Add to that, the safety concerns regarding the maritime industry, ranging from bad weather to workplace accidents. So it becomes crucial to take occupational health and safety of the marine workers seriously. 

In this article, we look at some of the major occupational safety issues and discuss some ways to resolve them, so that seafarers have a safe and healthy time on the ship.

Major occupational hazards for marine labourers 

According to many surveys and research studies conducted, major occupational hazards for marine labourers fall into three categories:

(i) the ones related to maritime disasters: this can involve accidents involving ship, fire hazards or exposure to harmful chemicals onboard etc. 

(ii) the ones that happen while on duty: this can range from an injury from an instrument to serious fractures of the joints due to incidents during work, and, 

(iii) the ones that happen while off-duty: this includes falls and trips out of work time.

Apart from these, seafarers also face mental health issues such as 

(i) workplace fatigue: this is common in people with motion sickness and confinement issues,

(ii) anxiety: this is caused mainly by the uncertainty of safety while at sea or shore, and 

(iii) depression: this is common because of long separation from closed ones and the loneliness many marine labourers face.

Causes of occupational hazards 

Every job has its challenges, but when it comes to marine jobs, there are added issues resulting from conditions such as 

  • adverse weather conditions (extreme weather conditions, sudden climatic changes),

  • high commitment demanded at work, 

  • isolation from family and friends, 

  • irregular sleeping patterns, 

  • wars and conflicts among countries, 

  • travel bans and restrictions during covid, 

  • risk of infection

  • bullying and harassment

  • racial discrimination

Many federal agencies have been formed to look into these matters. One of the oldest government agencies is Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) formed in the United States. Such bodies address the issues of maritime workers and make a framework to reduce and eradicate occupational hazards. 

Their reports indicate the significance of instruments equipped with the latest technologies. If you look at a city like Dibba, there are a number of electronics suppliers that provide the best quality instruments at affordable prices. 

Steps to ensure occupational safety for marine labourers

Adequate Shore leave

Shore leave is the allowance of leisure ashore granted to a sailor. Spending some time on land helps to recover from the sea fatigue. Labourers can also make use of sailors' clubs to interact with others or a  good internet connection to speak to the families.  

Access to medical care

Every seafarer must have the accessibility to medical care to take care of their physical and mental well being. This can include having medical practitioners on ports, sources to refill medicines when needed, affordable and regular counseling sessions, etc. 

Proper training and guidance

Since any marine job requires expertise in the corresponding areas, it’s very important to have training sessions especially for the beginners. Since there are a lot of complex instruments on board, employees must be monitored at every step. 

Regular testing of equipments

There are many machines and equipment which need to be checked regularly for any flaws or poor functioning. This can reduce the risks of exposure to chemicals, fire hazards, faulty components, or leakage. It is also advised to buy from companies that hold a good reputation among the competitors. For example, in Sharjah, many prefer the best Marine Labour Supply Companies Kalba.

Grievance cell

Every crew must have a grievance cell labourers can turn to when faced with discrimination or violence on any grounds. This creates a sense of safety among the seafarers and keep them secure.

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