Civil Work Force

Civil works and the workforce have a profound impact on our day to day life, and it contributes greatly to the economic growth of a nation.

Civil Work Force


Civil projects require experienced hands that have worked in works of various scales. Ashbilia provides services of able and experienced workforce from cleaning works to supervisory levels for any projects. Our civil workforce has experience of rendering quality services in projects around the world. This workforce is carefully selected from a talent pool and provided the right guidance and training by us before assigning projects in and around the UAE. We have the right workers for the right civil jobs. We fill all the required jobs for your project including foremen, supervisors, masons, carpenters, helpers, fixers, chargehands, scaffolders, painters etc.

Civil Supervisor

The civil supervisors have experience of supervising major project works of varied scales and are well trained to monitor and control all kinds of civil construction works and workforce productivity on day to day basis. They are adept at handling of proper records of the workers and report back to the management. We employ the best, well trained, and expert civil supervisors who have worked in similar projects and in similar capacity.

Civil Foreman

Ashbilia has been supplying the services of highly expert foremen for civil works in the UAE. These foremen are experts in civil projects and have worked in multiple projects of different scales. They provide the service of overseeing the project schedule, prioritizing various works in the project and monitoring the works according to the schedule. The daily responsibilities of the supervisors and workforce are monitored by them too.

Civil Chargehand

The Chargehand ensures smooth functioning of the civil works by directing the works laid down by the management and the supervisor to the workers. We provide services of chargehand who have the experience of working with different kinds of workers having worked in diverse projects under different management. Well trained chargehand with good communication and work ethic are selected for a variety of projects needs.


Masory skills are really important in a civil construction project. We employ masons based on specific skill sets and ensure that any work need can be met easily. Ashbilia has a huge talent group of masons who are recruited from around the world. They have the experience of working for specific requirements in a project and have become an expert in the field.

  • Mason Foreman
  • Our Mason Foremen have been involved in supervisory and work overseeing roles for many small and big projects. They provide crucial assistance to the supervisors and managers in completion of task at given time.

  • Mason Chargehand
  • Ashbilia provides services of Mason Chargehand for works of any scale. They have been trained to coordinate and direct the masons to work as per the schedule and management needs. With experience of working with diverse set of masons, they provide right direction to masonry works.

  • General Mason
  • General Masons are engaged in all the general masonry works involved in a project. This workforce is selected based on the level of experience and they provide vital support to any small or large masonry works in a project.

  • Block Mason
  • Construction of blocks and laying the blocks for different construction purposes in a project is a specialized work. For this we engage the talents of block masons who have prior experience. They are experts in hollow blocks, concrete blocks, AAC etc.

  • Plaster Mason
  • A plaster mason’s workmanship is of importance both in exterior finishes and interior works. New concepts in design and renovation have made plastering and decorative works in high demand. We supply able plaster masons for all interior and exterior projects.

  • Tile Mason
  • Asbhilia supplies well experienced tile masons for both interior and exterior tile cutting, laying, and decorative works. They are trained to lay measured and shaped tiles to fit any spaces and experienced to make the tiling area leak proof.

  • Interlock Mason
  • Interlock Masons are specially trained to understand the exterior and in some cases interior needs of the flooring that needs interlock tiling to be done. We provide services of able interlock masons with previous experience.

  • Finishing Mason
  • Finishing Masons provide the final touches and finishing works in a project involving masonry works. We provide the services of finishing masons with many years of experience in construction projects in UAE and abroad.

  • Marble Mason
  • Handling marble stones in masonry work requires expert skills. We select talented marble masons who have worked in projects that involve cutting, setting, and laying of marble tiles and stones for interior and exterior constructions.

  • Concrete Mason
  • Concrete Masons help finishing and evening the poured concrete and their work helps in building the concrete surface in a masonry project. We provide the services of expert concrete masons who have many years of experience in similar capacity.

  • Kerb Stone Mason
  • Laying of kerb stones in civil and commercial constructions is a tedious and expert work. The finishing works must be precise. Hence, Ashbilia provides such services of Kerb Stone Masons with able workmanship and experience.

  • Repairing Mason
  • We also have specialized repairing masons who deliver repair works for both interiors and exteriors of a building. These Repair Masons provide lasting repair solutions for any existing structure.

  • Maintenance Mason
  • Regular maintenance helps buildings last for longer periods. Maintenance Masons supplied by us, have been providing consistent and effective maintenance works for many constructions in and around UAE. They help restore the beauty and quality of interiors and exteriors.


Carpenters provide valuable service in many areas of construction like civil, residential, and commercial projects. They deliver customized services to beautify the interiors and exteriors as well as create efficient wooden products and parts that help in many projects. Ashbilia has a pool of highly efficient and talented carpenters who are carefully selected based on their utility and ability. Thus, we are able to support any carpentry needs that arise for projects of any scale in and around the UAE.

  • Carpenter Foreman
  • Carpenter Foremen are experienced carpenters who help in conducting the carpentry work on time and according to schedule. They help in timely delivery and proper working of the carpentry team. We supply experienced foremen for a wide range of works.

  • Carpenter Gang Leader
  • A Carpenter Gang Leader helps the carpentry crew in finishing up a project as per the instructions of the engineer and foreman. They are experts in project timeline and work required to be done. We provide experienced Carpenter Gang Leaders with prior project and organization experience.

  • Shuttering Carpenter
  • A Shuttering Carpenters work is very crucial in mega projects and high rise constructions. We have specialized Shuttering Carpenters who are experts in the work of constructing shutters, frameworks, columns, beams, and foundation structures used in construction projects.

  • GRC Carpenter
  • GRC Carpenters are experts in aesthetic improvement of construction in exteriors and interiors. We recruit some of the best and experienced carpenters who have experience in working with Glassfible Reinforced Concrete(GRC) for multiple work uses in big projects.


Every project or worksite needs expert workmanship in Painting for successful completion. Even repair and maintenance works need painting job in later stages. Painting workforce at Ashbilia helps multiple projects of various scales in the GCC. We recruit highly experienced and talented painters who are skilled at various levels. The workforce is also trained on the latest developments in the sector to enable them to provide the most efficient service for our clients.

  • Painter Foreman
  • Efficient use of the painting workforce, directing them with the right information, and getting the work done under schedule is the work of a foreman. We supply the skills of experienced Painter Foremen with a past record of successful works.

  • Wall Painter
  • Wall Painters supplied by us have wide work experience in different kinds of works and in various scales. They are experts in initial surface preparation, colour matching and painting on walls, ceilings, pillars, and in the interiors and exteriors of a construction.

  • Spray Painter
  • Spray Painters help in quick painting on various surface, frameworks, doors, cabinets, iron and steel units, wooden surfaces, and much more in a project. Ashbilia have ready workforce of spray painters for various project needs of the client.

  • Finishing Painter
  • The Finishing Painters apply the last finishing coat of paint on surfaces. They are experienced in delivering the fine quality and smoothness in painting that any surface demands. These painters have worked in different construction projects in UAE.

  • Wooden Painter
  • Ashbilia also provides our clients with wooden painters for projects involving carpentry. They work together with the painting crew and carpenters and are knowledgeable in the best painting solutions for different woods.

  • Epoxy Painter
  • Epoxy Painters are specialized workers who are experts in epoxy industrial painting solutions for concrete flooring. For special industrial flooring needs Ashbilia provides the services of Epoxy Painters who have previously worked in many industrial projects.

  • Ceramic Painter
  • The highly talented and expert ceramic painters help in different interior painting needs for commercial and residential projects. They deliver their workmanship for paintings on machines for industrial needs.

Steel Fixer

A steel fixer’s job is of crucial importance in a construction work. These experts work closely with engineers, designers, and supervisors to help build frameworks to support and strengthen buildings, columns, and other structures. They help make the skeleton foundation of the buildings. Ashbilia employs steel fixers who are vastly experienced and have worked in big projects before. Safety and work expertise is of prime importance in the job. Hence our workforce in this regard is carefully chosen.

  • Steel Fixer Foreman
  • The Steel Fixer Foreman does the important work of overseeing, inspecting, and giving directions regarding steel fixing works. He will direct the steel fixers of the management’s requirement. We have experienced personnel for this role with years of experience.

  • Steel Fixer Chargehand
  • The Steel Fixer Chargehand coordinates various steel fixing works as delegated by the management and delivers crucial support to steel fixers as to the works and how to go about it. Ashbilia provides the services of Steel Fixer Chargehand who have prior experience in similar projects.

  • Steel Fixer
  • We have an able workforce of experienced and expert steel fixers who are adept at steel fixing jobs for big construction projects. They are trained to handle big columns and frameworks for construction.

  • Bar bender
  • A Bar Bender fulfills vital task in construction. For construction projects and building frameworks and scaffolding columns, we supply the services of bar benders who have worked in similar capacity before in and around UAE.


A very important task in construction projects is that of a Scaffolder. Scaffolders are instrumental in creating safe spaces for other workers to do their works especially on high-rises. Construction, movement, assembling, and dismantling of scaffolds, frameworks, iron columns etc are performed by well trained, well experienced, and high expertise scaffolders provided by Ashbilia. We choose the best talents in the industry from around the world for projects all across the GCC.

  • Scaffolding Inspector
  • The crucial part of scaffolding work is to ensure that the framework built is safe, sturdy and strong. We provide services of Scaffolding Inspector with experience who is expert with inspecting every part of the structure and ensuring safety standards are met.

  • Scaffolding Supervisor
  • The Scaffolding Supervisor makes sure that the scaffolding works are being performed and delivered on time and according to the requirements. We provide able Supervisors for this role who have been supervising many construction projects.

  • Scaffolding Foreman
  • Scaffolding foreman is the connection between the scaffolding crew and the management. His task is to monitor the works and direct the workforce to the project requirements. Ashbilia supplies Foremen who have rich experience and expertise in this work.

  • Scaffolding Erector
  • Scaffolding Erectors help erect and dismantle scaffolds and frameworks. We provide the services of Erectors who are knowledgeable with safety regulations and project requirements, and are able workmen.


A primary requirement in all construction projects especially those with of large scale are the need to move heavy equipment and machinery. Without the help of Riggers this is not possible. Riggers with the help of chains, pulleys, cranes etc. move heavy equipment to various locations in a project. Ashbilia has specialized riggers, who are chosen and recruited from a large workforce talent database. They are well trained and hugely experienced to handle big project requirements.

  • Mobile Crane Rigger
  • Mobile Cranes make it easy to move heavy objects to distant locations. We provide the services of mobile crane riggers who are experts in easily maneuvering and moving heavy objects. They have experience of many years in the work.

  • Tower Crane Rigger
  • Operating tower cranes needs experience and expertise. These are mostly for heavy construction in mega projects. The Tower Crane Riggers are recruited based on their vast experience in similar capacity and expertise of operation.

  • Lifting Supervisor
  • The large cranes and lifting equipment need to be monitored while erecting and assembling. This makes a lifting supervisors work very important. We provide the services of lifting supervisors who have handled big projects and large machinery and know safety standards well.

Flag Man

A Flag Man’s work demands quality and concentration in a construction site. He handles the traffic of various worksite vehicles and handles the routes without collisions or mishaps. The role needs expertise and training. Ashbilia makes sure that the flag men recruited are well trained, and are knowledgeable with the quality and safety guidelines to be followed. We are able to deliver the services of well experienced flag men who have been a part of big constructions projects before.

Chain Man

The Chain Man’s role in construction works are needed for surveying needs of the site. They help in measuring the site area. Their work helps in making sure that the site surveyed and the measurements taken are accurate. They also assist in site suitability study. We have Chainmen with working experience of many projects and who have worked with expert surveyors and engineers in many construction projects in the UAE.


A Cleaner performs many small yet very important tasks in construction projects. From cleaning of major equipments, machinery and tools to cleaning and polishing floors and windows, preparing the machinery to be used next, cleaning of construction debris etc. the works of a cleaner are vital in a project. Asbhilia has a large cleaning workforce who is well trained and experienced to carry out the necessary cleaning tasks in a project.

Grinder Man

A Grinder Man smoothes, polishes, and grinds tools, and steel and iron surfaces etc. in a construction project. They help to grind down surfaces that are needed for construction. In some cases grinder men also work along with the carpentry crew. We provide the services of grinder men who have been trained in safety guidelines and have experience of working in projects of different scale. This workforce has knowledge and expertise in varied construction tools and equipments.


A Gardener’s work is essential for finished construction projects as well as exteriors of corporate spaces. The services of a gardener are provided either for project to project basis or on permanent basis. They are experts in keeping the exteriors and garden spaces spic and span and beautify the client’s space with well designed and aesthetically appealing gardens. The gardeners supplied by Ashbilia are experts in designing interior garden spaces and modern lawns and yards.

Civil Helper

A helper performs important tasks in a construction site. From laying the ground for concrete to loading and unloading, the works performed by civil helpers are essential in a project. They prepare the worksites ready, clean the debris, do the unloading of construction materials and tools and also help out other branches of work like carpentry, painting, steel fixing etc. Ashbilia regularly recruits a large number of skilled and unskilled workforces who are experienced in such tasks and can be assigned any projects in the GCC.

Concrete Machine Operator

A concrete machine is necessary machinery in any construction site. A large part of the project is fulfilled by a concrete machine that mixes gravel, sand, and cement to make concrete for construction. Skilled personnel need to operate this machine to ensure uninterrupted work flow. Ashbilia provides the services of Concrete Machine Operator for various construction works. These operators are well experienced and have worked in similar capacities in many projects around the UAE.

Water Proofer

In any building project plumbing is an important task. Before and after the plumbing works it is essential to waterproof the building areas where piping has been laid out. Waterproofing is a specialized job that requires the expertise of both plumbing and masonry. We provide highly experienced water proofing experts who can help keep the work site completely water proof for a long time. All our water proofers have delivered high quality results in projects of international repute.


In various commercial and residential projects the work of a polisher comes handy to make surfaces smoother and well polished for further works or as finishing works. Polishers grinds, sands, cleans, and polishes metal, wood, glass and other surfaces in a construction work. They are experts in manual polishing works as well as using power tools for the same. Ashbilia provides expert services of Polishers for any kind of commercial or private projects in UAE.

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