7 Top Trends In Manpower Supply For 2022

7 Top Trends In Manpower Supply For 2022

Companies are relying on manpower suppliers to bring them the best. But at times like this, it can get tricky to even choose an agency to work with. It’s important to understand the new trends in the labour market and what it means to manpower supply. For example, Ashbilia is a manpower supply company in Sharjah that has evolved with the current trends.

To help you out, we have prepared a list of new trends in manpower supply in 2022. We hope it helps.

More remote working opportunities

We all saw it coming. Working effectively from the comfort of homes for the past years has made many employees rethink about returning to office. Although the offices are opening up, a hybrid working situation is what may fit best. Except for the works that demand physical labour, this may open doors to a more productive work culture.

Priority on employee well-being

Pandemic has been hard on everyone and it has made us reevaluate our priorities about work and life. More and more people are speaking up for themselves and are refusing to shoulder responsibilities that fall out of scope of their job description. Companies are also stressing on having accessible health care, grievance cell and employee benefit programs.

Emphasis on upskilling

Gone are the days you work for 10 years with the skills you learnt on day 1. Now, it’s more important than ever to be updated with the latest technology and relevant skills. Managers encourage employees to take up online courses that may help them do the job better. Today, the suppliers like the manpower supply chain in Sharjah and other cities, look for people who are willing to learn new things and put them into practice.

Demographic shifts in the workforce

With a portion of the population perished in the pandemic, there is a shortage of workforce as well as of labour. To counter this, many countries have their policies amended for increasing the retirement age and remote/hybrid working environments. This results in better talent sourcing, since a company can have an efficient workforce since it’s not limited by geographical factors. Companies expect better representation of minorities henceforth, making way for a more equitable and inclusive workforce.

Increase in freelancing

The past years have shown us how transient life is. This has sparked an urgency among the people to explore more domains, including some unconventional ones. The young generation is keen on taking it at their pace, and this has led to a lot of people choosing freelancing over corporate jobs. Main manpower supply chains like the ones in Sharjah and Dubai have reported these trends in the past couple of years.

Increased automation of services

With technology upgrading every minute, machines have replaced a lot of human labour. With machine learning and artificial intelligence becoming the norm, automation is the key to get more work done with better efficiency. A post pandemic world would have a lot of automated services handy. This might have a negative impact since it reduces the requirements of an efficient workforce.

People analytics for talent acquisition

Some work well alone, but some work in an office setup. To have a tangible analysis of this, manpower suppliers are evaluating ‘people analytics’, a set of tests that show where the talent rests in the company. This gives a better direction for talent acquisition and increases productivity and efficiency of the labourers.

Sharjah is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and one of the most prosperous Emirates in terms of GDP per capita. However, the population growth has outstripped the available workforce, which has forced companies to turn to manpower supply companies in order to find employees.

Manpower supply companies have become a popular way for companies to find employees because they offer an ample supply of skilled workers at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time employee.

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